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Auf Bestellung | Kissen Farbe wählen
A631 | Youtoo | Sand
A633 | Youtoo | Pale Blue
A635 | Youtoo | Dark Blue
A636 | Youtoo | Dark Grey
B450 | Tempotest | White
B456 | Tempotest | Taupe
A623 | Crumble | White
A622 | Crumble | Beige
A624 | Crumble | Grey
A627 | Crumble | Dark Green
A625 | Crumble | Coffee
A626 | Crumble | Green

Abrufen von Inventardaten

Our cushions are made to order by our skilled seamstresses in Rynkeby Denmark. This is a separate back cushion for Charlottenborg lounge chair & sofa. It can also be used for Luna lounge chair. Choose between our standard fabrics or see our full selection of fabrics here.

If you wish to place an order with another fabric than our standard, please make a note with the fabric number you want when placing your order. Please note that prices may vary.

Cushions can also be purchased with you own fabric. Contact us directly for information on fabric use and prices.

See the full selection of fabrics here.


Breite: 52 cm | 20.5 inches *

Tiefe: 46 cm | 18.2 inches *

Höhe: 18 cm | 7.1 inches *

Gewicht: 0.4 kg | 0 lbs *

*Die angegebenen Maße und Gewichte verstehen sich zuzüglich eventueller Ergänzungen.