Luna Loungesessel

Franco Albini & Franca Helg


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Skin on Natural
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A669 | Rintin Oxalis | Dark Grey
A665 | Rintin Oxalis | Silver
A664 | Rintin Oxalis | Light Green
A661 | Rintin Oxalis | Beige
A656 | Wolota | Old Rose
A655 | Wolota | Green
A652 | Wolota | Off White
A636 | Youtoo | Dark Grey
A635 | Youtoo | Dark Blue
A633 | Youtoo | Pale Blue
A631 | Youtoo | Sand
B450 | Tempotest | White
B456 | Tempotest | Taupe
A623 | Crumble | White
A624 | Crumble | Grey
A625 | Crumble | Coffee
A626 | Crumble | Green

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Luna is an exclusive and elegant lounge chair, designed by Franco Albini & Franca Helg in 1967. The lounge chair was originally named "Radar" and it was designed with great inspiration from "The Space Race" which influenced large parts of the design world in the 60's.

The Lounge Chair is part of Sika-Design's exclusive ICONS collection, which consists of design furniture, all created by renowned designers. With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these well-known furniture designers, we are happy to bring these icons back. The lounge chair is handmade in sustainable Indonesian rattan by skilled wicker makers. Sika-Design uses carefully selected rattan for furniture production to ensure the highest quality. Rattan is often compared to bamboo, but unlike bamboo which is hollow, rattan is a solid material. Rattan is a remarkably strong and indestructible material, and therefore you get a unique piece of furniture that lasts for generations.

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Breite: 102 cm | 40.2 inches *

Tiefe: 76 cm | 30 inches *

Höhe: 101 cm | 39.8 inches *

Sitzhöhe: 54 cm | 21.3 inches *

Sitztiefe: 60 cm | 23.7 inches *

Gewicht: 17 kg | 18.8 lbs *

*Die angegebenen Maße und Gewichte verstehen sich zuzüglich eventueller Ergänzungen.