Spirit Animals

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Historically spirit animals are associated with Native Americans, Chinese, Greek, Buddhist, Aztec and Egyptians cultures, who have held animals sacred due to their dependency on these animals for survival. Spirit animals have now made their way into modern Western consciousness and into our ATMOSPHERE collection.
A spirit animal brings guidance, protection and power to its owner. They are said to make their presence known at a difficult time in your life – when you have a life-changing decision to make or find yourself with few options. A spirit animal will in other words guide you when you have something to learn.
It is believed that you do not choose the animal; rather it chooses you or has already chosen you. Nevertheless they are a great idea for gifts when you want to send a special token of love to someone dear to you or send a special message or wish for the future to an acquaintance.
Our three spirit animals each represent their own powerful theme Lucky, Healthy and Wisdom. Besides representing a theme and conveying a special message, our spirit animals are a decorative element that can lift the spirit in any home or office. They are all locally produced and made from cast iron and come in either two or three sizes.
This four-legged spirit animal brings with it a story of good luck and fortune. We found it in a local marked in India and introduced it as our very first spirit animal. With Lucky by your side, you will learn how to move through life overcoming and confronting difficult situations.
Our Healthy spirit animal stems from a symbolic animal that is part of the Australian indigenous cultural belief. This spirit animal is said to convey strength and good health as good health in aboriginal culture is symbolised by a curvy, strong body.
An owl is the symbol of wisdom and insight. It has great awareness of all that is around it at all times. It has predator vision, which means it sees clearly what it looks at, and it has great intuition and courage to follow its instincts.